Men’s Measurement Form

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(All measurements to be written in Inches or Centimetres in the box below each figure)

Should you have an image of yourself that can be emailed to us, please do so, as this will help us proportion the item better. If you do have access to a digital camera or scanner, please email us front and side silhouette images for better results.

shoulder 1. Full Shoulder
Measure back at end of shoulders. (required)

sleeves2. Sleeves
Measure sleeves from shoulder seem to length desired. (required)

Chest3. Chest
Measure around Body well up under arm holes. (required)

stomach 4. Stomach
Measure around stomach line. (required)

length 5. Length
Measure from lower collar seam to length desired. (required)

front 6. Front
Measure from one armhole to other armhole in front. (required)

back 7. Back
Measure from one armhole to other armhole at Back. (required)

neck 8. Neck
Measure around the Neck.(required)

waist 9. Waist
Measure around Waist Line. (required)

hips 10. Hips
Measure around Hips at widest poit of seat but not tight. (required)

crotch 11.Crotch
Measure from center front Waist under legs to center back Waist. (required)

length 12. Length
Measure from top of Waist band to bottom of cuff. (required)

cuff 13. Cuff
Measure width around cuff as shown. (required)

thigh 14. Thigh
Measure width around the thigh as shown. (required)

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