Women’s Measurement Form

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(All measurements to be written in Inches or Centimetres in the box below each figure)

Should you have an image of yourself that can be emailed to us, please do so, as this will help us proportion the item better. If you do have access to a digital camera or scanner, please email us front and side silhouette images for better results.

Jacket Length 1. Jacket Length
Measure jacket length from shoulder seam. (required)

Dress Coat Length2. Dress Coat Length
Measure coat length from shoulder. (required)

Vest Length3. Vest Length
Measure length from shoulder seam. (required)

Bust 4. Bust
Measure largest part; keep tape a little higher at back. (required)

Stomach 5. Stomach
Measure Stomach. (required)

Trousers/Skirt Waist 6. Trousers/Skirt Waist
Measure natural waistline. (required)

Hips 7. Hips
Measure 7" below the waist or widest point of hips. (required)

Full Shoulders 8. Full Shoulders
Measure across back from outside of one shoulder to other. (required)

Half Shoulders 9. Half Shoulders
Measure from top shoulder seam to end of shoulder seam. (required)

Sleeves 10. Sleeves
Measure from shoulder seam to waist with arm bent (allow for padding). (required)

Cuffs 11. Cuffs
Measure around cuff. (required)


Front 12. Front
Measure from shoulder seam to front waist. (required)

Back 13. Back
Measure across back from joining of one arm to the other. (required)

Back Length 14. Back Length
Measure from nape of neck to center of waist. (required)

Shoulder to Bust 15. Shoulder to Bust
Measure from shoulders seam to bust line. (required)

Shoulder to Waist 16. Shoulder to Waist
Measure from shoulder seam to front waist. (required)

Bust to Bust 17. Bust to Bust
Measure width of bust from one nipple to the other. (required)

Neck 18. Neck
Measure around the neck. (required)

Trousers Outseam 19. Trousers Outseam
Measure from top of waist band to bottom of cuff. (required)

Trousers inseam 20. Trousers inseam
Measure inseam from crotch to bottom of cuff. (required)

Trousers 21. Trousers "U" crutch
Measure from the top of the waistband in the front to the top of the waistband in the back. (required)

Thighs 22. Thighs
Measure around thigh at widest point. (required)


Trousers required cuffs 23. Trousers required cuffs
Measure width around cuff. (required)

Skirt Length 24. Skirt Length
Measure skirt length from waist. (required)

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